Our Current Products

Honeydew Core

Our flagship product, Honeydew Core is a project-focused operations management tool that enables your business to track a project from inception through production and delivery. Customizable to your unique business needs, we have developed a wide range of modules that can be readily adapted to various business verticals, reducing time-to-deployment and customization costs.

Screenshot of Honeydew project page
Honeydew Intake Platform

Get the information you need to start a project right the first time. The Honeydew Intake Platform gives your clients an easy-to-use portal for creating, tracking, and reordering projects, as well as tools for managing their own branding assets, marketing lists, or anything else they need to create a project with you.

THe Honeydew Intake Platform automatically handles communication with Honeydew Core, removing the need to re-enter order information from emails.

Screenshot of Honeydew Marketing Platform